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Quevedo & Ponce, Quito, Ecuador

Claimants' countries

Nationalities of claimants that this law firm represented

Country No. of times
Panama 1
United States 1

Respondents' countries

Nationalities of respondent States that this law firm represented

No data available.

Acted for Claimants (2 case/s)

Cases in which this law firm acted for claimants, administering institution, and claimant-appointed arbitrator

Case Institution Appointed Arbitrator
PCA Case No. 2007-02/AA277
Chevron and TexPet
Charles N. Brower
ICSID Case No ARB/06/21
City Oriente Limited
Horacio A. Grigera Naón

Acted for Respondent (0 case/s)

Cases in which this firm acted for respondent State, administering institution, and respondent-appointed arbitrator

No data available.