About Us

The objective of the Leiden investment treaty arbitration database, which is freely available, is to facilitate research on the procedural and institutional dimensions of investment-treaty arbitration. The creation of this database was based on the conviction that a reliable data-set on investment treaty arbitration, the appointed arbitrators, the institutions which have administered the proceedings, the nationality of the parties to the dispute, the respondent States, and the counsel amongst others, is an important tool for research on various legal, political, social and sociological aspects of investment treaty arbitration. The database does not include any information on the merits of decisions, nor on the content of the awards rendered, which is included in various other databases, such as PITAD.

The database has been the result of a project conducted over the past three years by Professor Eric De Brabandere and Dr Daniel Peat. They acknowledge the research and editorial support of Mr. Johann von Pachelbel, Ms. María Clara van Tienhoven Amil, Ms. Jasmine Nicolson, Mr. Oliver Edwards and Ms. Teresa Lamim, and thank them for their invaluable contribution to this project. The technical aspects of the database were implemented by Emergento.

The project has been carried out with the support of a grant from the Hague Municipality, as part of the programme on strengthening teaching and research in the Hague, and fits within Leiden University’s Framework Document on the Hague Campus of Leiden University. The current project is closely related to the theme of ‘international law, peace and security’ and the importance of arbitration as envisaged in the Hague Knowledge Economy Agenda.

We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of UNCTAD, which shared data from its Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Navigator database, available here. Users are advised to consult the disclaimers to UNCTAD's ISDS Navigator database, which are available here.

Leiden University, the Grotius Centre, and those involved in the setting-up of the database cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information contained in this database. The database is based only on publicly-available information. Queries about the database can be sent to "volkenrecht@law.leidenuniv.nl" to the attention of Eric De Brabandere and Daniel Peat.

Cite as Eric De Brabandere and Daniel Peat, "Investment Arbitration Database" (version 1.0) (Leiden University, 2021), available at http://investmentarbitrationdatabase.com.