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Abogacía General del Estado, Ministerio de Justicia, Madrid, Spain

Claimants' countries

Nationalities of claimants that this law firm represented

No data available.

Respondents' countries

Nationalities of respondent States that this law firm represented

Country No. of times
Spain 3

Acted for Claimants (0 case/s)

Cases in which this law firm acted for claimants, administering institution, and claimant-appointed arbitrator

No data available.

Acted for Respondent (3 case/s)

Cases in which this firm acted for respondent State, administering institution, and respondent-appointed arbitrator

Case Institution Appointed Arbitrator
SCC Case No 2013/153
Isolux Infrastructure Netherlands B.V.
Claus von Wobeser 
SCC Case No 2017/060
FREIF Eurowind
Thomas Clay
PCA Case No 2019-17
Rogelio Barrenechea Cuenca, Antonio Cosío Ariño, Luis de Garay Russ and others
Alexis Mourre